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Ben Handler

“I engaged AdLeg about seventeen months ago.

My ROAS has sometimes been over 7x. I’ve generated deep into seven figures with these guys in revenue with my time wi

Dan Henry

"As a result of working with Kyle, we were able to get up (so far) to six figures a month in ad spend and have a very, very, very good ROI. I am super pleased with the ROI. It is just as good - if not better - than the ROI on Facebook. ... 

William Brown

Everything that I wanted, I’ve gotten. So, I wanted someone to run the ads for me. Little interaction. Have someone who is full-stack, you don’t have to talk to all the time, that just does a good job. Which is hard to find, but I’ve found it with AdLeg,

Carl Parnell

“Having attempted to run Facebook ads for many years, and the most insane headaches involved with them, I knew it was a smart move to move over to YouTube.

Jessica Jordan

"Team AdLeg is highly skilled. Which, of course, that's a mandatory thing for getting the results I'm getting. But the other thing is, every member on their team is fantastic. I feel extremely supported by them. ......

Philipp Lang

"I want to give a quick shoutout to Kyle and his team. He's run, for over half a year, my YouTube Ads, and with great great success - made a lot of money out of it. Great revenue,. .....

Nate Armstrong

“Kyle knows his stuff, and he knows it backwards and forwards. When you’re going to start dropping serious money into YouTube – it’s different if you’re just playing at a smaller scale – but if you’re going to drop serious investment....

Kerry Egeler

“The first month we did about $30k, which was our biggest month ever. The second month we did almost $40k. And right now we’re in the middle of our biggest month ever. And I just want to give a huge thank you to the AdLeg....

Jon Snedeker

“Kyle and his team were able to get significantly higher returns on my YouTube Ads. It wasn’t until I gave up control to an expert that I realized how much time and money it was costing ....

John Kaplar

“AdLeg, you guys are awesome!

Started working with AdLeg – Kyle, Adam, and his team – about two months ago. And already we’re profitable, and we’re ready

Joey Choy

“I want to do a quick testimonial for Kyle and his team at AdLeg for helping me so far in YouTube Ads. These guys are the experts.


Moran Pober

“We’re making amazing profits and revenues, and I like the fact that Kyle is super obsessed about details and about ROI. it’s not like he’s cheap – we’re paying him a lot of money – but i....