About AdLeg

We’re Adleg

a data driven

marketing agency that places our
clients on a clear
path to scalability.

Marketing has evolved into a complex beast in the past few years, and it won’t stop anytime soon.

Facebook’s Advantage+ Shopping, Google’s Performance Max campaigns, auto-targeting on TikTok… Advertisers have less control than ever over their marketing campaigns.  

If you’re not feeding AI with the correct data, forget about scaling–you’ll barely be able to break even.
The bottom line is that data mastery unlocks growth… but it can also bog down marketing efforts if you’re not strategic about where you look.

That’s where we come in.
Admittedly, when we started as a Google Ads agency in 2014, we didn’t see AI coming. 

However, we adapted and relentlessly refined our methodology to stay ahead of the curve and deliver phenomenal client results. 

Now, we’re a proven full-service marketing firm that delivers tailored solutions for lead generation, customer acquisition, and retention.

We can do that for you, too. Think of us as your one-stop shop for all things marketing. Let us sweat the small stuff so you can enjoy the big wins.
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Ben Handler

“I engaged AdLeg about seventeen months ago.

My ROAS has sometimes been over 7x. I’ve generated deep into seven figures with these guys in revenue with my time wi

Dan Henry

"As a result of working with Kyle, we were able to get up (so far) to six figures a month in ad spend and have a very, very, very good ROI. I am super pleased with the ROI. It is just as good - if not better - than the ROI on Facebook. ... 

William Brown

Everything that I wanted, I’ve gotten. So, I wanted someone to run the ads for me. Little interaction. Have someone who is full-stack, you don’t have to talk to all the time, that just does a good job. Which is hard to find, but I’ve found it with AdLeg,