The AdWords Bid Strategy You Should Never Use

Someone in my AdWords Marketing Strategy group on Facebook recently asked this question: “I’ve been using a CPC [cost per click] strategy for my campaigns, but I am contemplating whether I should change to a CPA [cost per action] strategy. I’m receiving over 70 conversions per week. What are some of the benefits of CPA […]

Pre-Internet Headlines from John Caples

Believe it or not, headlines have been around in advertising since before pay-per-click ads – even since before the internet was a thing. Yes, there was a time when a headline wasn’t something you clicked on. It’s crazy, I know. In a fantastic book by John Caples titled “How to Make Your Advertising Make Money” […]

Good and Bad AdWords Ads

Bill, a member of my AdWords Marketing Strategy group, was taken aback by my Essential AdWords Crash Course training (specifically, the section about ads)… “On the vid, Kyle is straight talking – with clear do this , don’t do that, rather than the hedging that is so common online. Clearly, he has spent his time […]

Become a Better Marketer

You can digest some of my most valuable insights and strategies right now…for only $37. In my Essential AdWords Crash Course you’ll get new insights and strategies that will make you a better marketer and a better business owner… Like the most common ways businesses mess up and let leads slip through their fingers, and […]

AdWords Campaign Review Video

Here’s the deal… I want to help you this year, one way or another. You have goals, I have goals (we all scream for goals, goals). Do you want some free help? No strings attached…I’ll make a quick 5-10 minute video pointing out one or two things I see inside your AdWords campaign that can […]

“Best money I’ve ever spent on AdWords education”

Someone in my Business Builder Mastermind group recently sent me this message: “Hey Kyle. Your course is absolutely killer. Best money I’ve ever spent on AdWords education.” I’ll take the compliment. And I’ll point out that this guy is no schlub. He already runs a successful agency, doing well over six figures per year. He […]