About AdLeg

Hi, I’m Kyle Sulerud – a Google AdWords enthusiast turned pro, and the founder of AdLeg.

Before I mastered AdWords, I was a small business owner trying to figure out how to get more business. I threw together an AdWords campaign (because “everyone was doing it”) and paid my bill every month without questioning how much business was actually being generated.

After nine months of running the same ad, I increased the campaign budget and finally made some changes to my account based on Google’s recommendations. What got me to take notice was a charge from Google on my credit card the following month that was ten times more than normal!

This would have been great if there was an increase in business to go along with it.

There wasn’t. Something was wrong.

I had jumped head first into the deep end of a pool and had to learn how to swim fast – without any inflatable armbands.

As I realized how much I DIDN’T know, I started to see the opportunities AdWords offered for the people who DID know.

I learned some advertisers paid more for their ads than others. Sometimes much more.

I learned huge benefits could be seen by changing and improving your campaigns over time (if you knew what you were doing).

I learned the AdWords “default” and “recommended” settings were primarily in place to benefit Google.

I learned there were a hundred different settings I wasn’t aware of, and just as many strategies and tricks for how to utilize them most effectively.

Once I could use these findings to my benefit, my AdWords campaign took off and so did my business. I opened a second office in another city and utilized AdWords as my primary source of customers. My biggest frustration was that my company had a very limited target audience and the only way to keep growing was to expand to more cities. I wanted to reach more people more quickly.

Looking around the web, I realized that there were thousands of business owners like me who knew they should be advertising on AdWords but didn’t know how to do it effectively and profitably. I started doing freelance work for some of these businesses in my spare time; helping to set up and optimize their campaigns.

I found a HUGE GAP in the marketplace – most AdWords managers have never owned a business themselves.

They have never put their own money on the line and lost it.

They haven’t experienced the real-life and devastating consequences that ineffective marketing can have on a business.

They are left to gamble with their clients’ money – and in the hyper-competitive world of pay-per-click advertising, the odds are stacked against them.

Today I fill this gap full-time.

I’ve helped companies in every industry imaginable. My clients stay with me because they continue to see profitable results. With a small team helping to implement my processes for campaign optimization, I am able to help more businesses while remaining hands-on with every client’s account.

If you want me to manage your AdWords account, click here and fill out the form for a free assessment.

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