Google AdWords 2017 Keynote Recap

Key Takeaways For AdWords Advertisers In-Market Audiences Will Be Available In Search Campaigns Recently, Google introduced demographic (age & gender) targeting to search campaigns, and this has been a very useful feature to many advertisers. At the keynote, Google announced they will be introducing in-market targeting to search campaigns. In-market audiences are defined by Google […]

“Essential AdWords” Now Available on Amazon

Hi, I’m Kyle Sulerud, the founder of AdLeg. My first experience with AdWords, years ago, was advertising my own small business. After months of running the same ad with minimal results, I decided to beef up my campaign and see how much business AdWords could really produce. I increased my budget and added all the […]

The Myth of Long-Tail Keywords in AdWords

Because of how broad match keywords work within AdWords, inexpensive long-tail keywords don’t really exist. You could have a keyword like “customizable hosted voip chicago il” but there are a couple reasons why this wouldn’t do you much good. 1. Many advertisers are still going to be bidding on “hosted voip” which will trigger ads […]

AdWords Demographics for Search Ads: Strategies

Ever since Google announced their demographics for search ad targeting yesterday, I can’t stop thinking of awesome ways businesses will be able to utilize this feature. The feature will allow bid adjustments (presumably down to -100%) based on age and gender. Here are some hypothetical examples of how different companies can benefit from this: A […]