Why Conversions are Meaningless

I’ve talked extensively about conversions, and how to get more of them. So why is the subject of this post “Why conversions are meaningless”?

Let me explain.

In AdWords, a conversion is nothing more than a piece of data that tells you whether a user did something. If you’re tracking phone calls, for example, you could be getting a lot of calls (a lot of conversions) but zero sales.

A phone call is meaningless if it doesn’t generate a sale for a business.

So, when I was putting together my Essential AdWords Crash Course, I made sure to include some sales strategies…things you can do and things you can say to get more sales.

Whether you’re using AdWords for lead generation or eCommerce, the ability to close a sale will directly correlate with your revenue.

In the “Conversions” section of the training, you’ll discover new ways to get more conversions, leads, and sales.

I dare say you’ll have some epiphanies.

Get in on the action – click here.

P.S. – Yes…I show you some nitty-gritty conversion optimization strategies too. Since the AdWords system can’t always tell if a sale was made, we DO need to focus on conversions. But sales are king, so the training covers it all.

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