Weird Facebook Message From A Google Employee

Someone on Facebook just sent me a weird message. He asked how I would respond to these questions:

“I need to see results before I increase my budget”
“That time we tried xxx product, it didn’t work.”
“Let me talk with xx before we make any changes”
“I would only like to try it for a week”
“I don’t have that kind of budget right now”
“Let me think about it and get back to you”

Here’s what made this so weird…he went on to say:

“I’m short listed to be part of Google Adwords training team and your answers will be a great help so i can share it to my colleagues.”

So some employee at Google is trying to get the upper-hand in his training group by getting me to answer his test questions? It sure sounds like it (his profile listed “Google” as his place of employment). I can’t fault him for this…it’s actually very smart. But I’m not going to tell Google how to close more sales, lol.

If you’re getting objections like these from your own prospective clients, you’re doing something wrong. Either you’re not selecting the right types of clients, or you haven’t positioned yourself as the specialist who can help. Most of the objections listed above come up because you’re not talking to the right person.

When you choose the right types of clients to work with, the conversations get easier. You don’t need to convince them to use AdWords, or to increase their budgets (in truth, many businesses SHOULDN’T increase their ad budgets).

In my AdWords For Local Businesses course, you’ll find a whole lesson on this:

“Defining The Ideal Client For Your Ad Agency…And Avoiding The Rest”

It’s all about making sure you spend your time talking to the right prospects and working with the right clients.

I’ve wasted a lot of time over the years talking to prospects I should’ve avoided. I’ve wasted even more time working with “time vampire” clients who drained my energy and caused far more harm to my happiness than they were worth.

I want to help you avoid these mistakes.

Click here and enroll in AdWords For Local Businesses today.

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