Warning: Blatant sales pitch within…enter if you Dare

If you’re on the fence about AdWords For Local Businesses, here are just a few things you’ll find within the course to help you decide:

-How understanding the “Keyword Broadness Spectrum” will help you fine-tune your traffic (and the pros and cons of every point along the spectrum).

-Bonus software to generate hundreds of keyword variations at the push of a button, while remaining hyper-targeted and avoiding garbage clicks.

-Proven bidding and optimization strategies (step-by-step) that have been developed through millions of dollars in testing.

-The default AdWords settings you need to change if you want optimal results. Ignore these at your own peril.

-How to write magnetic ads that get clicked more than your competitors’ ads…even if you don’t have the top ad on the page.

-Shiny AdWords strategies that amateurs love to talk about, but real-world testing has proven they don’t work. Get the full scoop on AdWords strategies I don’t recommend.

-Ways to get more leads and conversions (from even a well-run AdWords campaign) without wasting time and money experimenting on your own.

-“Red flags” to watch for when talking to prospects, and how turning away clients can help you grow your marketing agency more quickly.

-How one of my students averages one new client every week with just a few hours of work. You’ll learn the exact prospecting method and scripting he uses to do this.

Plus, you’ll get lifetime access to a private mastermind group where you can ask questions and get feedback on any campaign, without the fear that your clients will see what you’re asking.

Sign up now and get the most powerful AdWords system on the market, and a first-class support group to help you make 2018 your best year ever.


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