The Unbelievable Complexity of the Human Mind

It’s incredible, how the human mind works and all.

Even when people are thinking about the same friggin thing, they’re all thinking about it in different ways.

To illustrate this, let’s turn to my ole pal, Google.

When people are thinking about something as simple as hiring a roofing company, their different brains will spew out countless variations of this and type them into Google:

roofing company

chicago roofing company

chicago roofing companies

roofing company chicago

roofing company chicago il

roofing companies in chicago

roofers in chicago il

roofers near me

local roofers




All this, just to represent the same thought, essentially.

With each variation, people are gonna respond differently to whatever they find on the other end of the Google wormhole. Someone searching “roofing company” will be more responsive to an ad that says “roofing company” (compared to an ad that says “roofer”).

So you gotta give people what they want, and help them steer clear of everything else.

Each variation is also gonna give you different results, because people are coming to you with different frames of mind. You want to be able to control these results whenever possible, so including all the possible keyword variations in your AdWords campaigns will give you a huge advantage.

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