The Most Costly Thing You Can Do In AdWords

What’s the most expensive money-wasting thing you can do in AdWords?


Seriously, guess.

No really, I mean, the most costly thing you can do in AdWords is: GUESS.

After working a corporate job for 20 years, Ethan decided it was finally time to pursue his dream. He ditched the desk job and opened a high-end fitness and martial arts gym.

Not knowing anything about AdWords, but knowing he should have a presence there, Ethan did what most small business owners do – he threw up some ads, doing the best he could, and hoped they worked.

He was guessing.

But if his years of martial arts training taught him anything, it’s that hope ain’t gonna help you win a fight. You need skills.

So, when his ads weren’t producing the results he wanted, he started a quest to find those skills.

He read books, watched videos, and got “help” from Google’s own reps (the advice you get from the helpline is usually about as effective as flipping a coin).

By educating himself, he was able to make some improvements.

On his own, he got his cost-per-client down to about $100. This required him to sift through heaps of good and bad information (much of it not relevant to local businesses).

It also took him about a year, and cost him close to $10k, through trial and error.

Once he found me, and we started applying my methods to his campaigns, we quickly brought his cost-per-client down to $57. That’s NOT the cost-per-lead…these are NOT people signing up for a free one-month gym membership…

These are people who have signed up for a gym membership and paid for the first month ($139-$259 per month). The average lifetime customer value for one of Ethan’s clients is about $2,100.

$57 spend to attract a $2,100 customer.

Not too shabby.

(And he’s helping to improve people’s health and change his customers’ lives in the process.)

If you want to see the methods I used to set up the campaign for Ethan’s gym, you can. In fact, it is one of the main examples I use in my AdWords For Local Businesses course. You can see exactly what I did and how you can do the same for other businesses.

You can stop guessing.

When I take you through the process of how to set up a campaign for a local business, and show you step-by-step on the screen what to do, I’m using this campaign to demonstrate everything.

Come check it out, speed up your learning curve, stop wasting money through trial and error. Stop guessing.

Enroll in AdWords For Local Businesses Today.

The doors are closing soon, my friend. Get the training here.


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