The Locksmith Story

There’s a story I really like. It’s about two different locksmiths (in two alternate universes).

The story starts with a family who is locked out of their home in the freezing cold. A locksmith shows up to help them get into their house. The locksmith struggles for over an hour to get the house unlocked…he keeps trying different lock picks, different doors…he’s clearly working very hard. When he finally gets one of the doors open, the family is more than happy to pay him $200 plus a $50 tip for all his hard work.

In the alternate universe, a different locksmith is called to help the same family get into the same house. He takes a quick look at the lock and knows exactly what to do. He grabs the tool he needs, and has the door open in less than five minutes. The family is happy to be inside, but they gasp when they are handed a bill for $200.

“What?? $200 for only five minutes of work???”

Forget about an extra $50 tip.

So, who did the better job here? Who provided the better service?

Was it the locksmith who opened the door almost immediately, or the one who left a family out in the cold for over an hour?

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