The AdWords Bid Strategy You Should Never Use

Someone in my AdWords Marketing Strategy group on Facebook recently asked this question:

“I’ve been using a CPC [cost per click] strategy for my campaigns, but I am contemplating whether I should change to a CPA [cost per action] strategy. I’m receiving over 70 conversions per week. What are some of the benefits of CPA over CPC?”

So…assuming the question is about automated CPC bidding (“maximize clicks”) vs. automated CPA bidding (“target CPA”), then my answer is a very enthusiastic…


This isn’t even a question. I’ve seen countless accounts using those bidding strategies with horrendous results.

You should always use a strategy that focuses on cost per action (cost per conversion/lead). But it should not be automated – it should be manual (as long as you have the right know-how).

I don’t even test Google’s automated bidding anymore, but another marketer recently had this to say about it:

“In total, I ran 10 experiments. In 8 of them, target CPA was not even close to matching the performance of manual bidding.” (The other two were pretty much neck and neck…no real benefit to using automated bidding even in those cases.)

So, how do you acquire the right know-how that allows you to beat Google’s automated bidding?

You can spend thousands through trial-and-error and still be behind the curve.

Or you can look over my shoulder as I turn an “okay” AdWords account into a conversion-generating machine…all with manual bidding.

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