Starting a Facebook Group (bonus training)

You’re familiar with my AdWords Marketing Strategy group on Facebook.

You probably don’t know that I also run a smaller FB group for business owners in my area.

I live in a small city, so the group only has about 200 members.

But because of this local business owner group, I’ve…

-Landed a couple AdWords clients
-Been approached by other prospects who I turned away
-Been invited to speak at the University of North Dakota
-Earned a reputation as a top marketing expert in the area
-Been asked to partner on a business venture

…all from a little 200-member group.

In the bonus section of my AdWords For Local Businesses course, you get to see exactly how I started the group a few months ago. I screen-recorded the whole thing for you. (Yes, I invested some money to get things moving. I’ll show you what I did. It’s been well worth it.)

This is just a bonus, but I wanted to let you know it’s there. I just uploaded it yesterday, in fact.

When you click here and enroll today, you’ll get instant access to all the content and all the bonuses.

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