SKAGs (Single Keyword Ad Groups)

Someone on Facebook recently asked me:

“Do you recommend SKAGs for local AdWords?”

It’s hard to answer this because everyone seems to have a different definition of what a SKAG actually is.

(“Single Keyword Ad Group” in case you’re not familiar with the terminology.)

Should you put every single keyword in a separate ad group? No.  This will make your campaign more difficult to optimize/mange, and the strategy has no real-world benefits that I’ve seen or heard of.

Should you put root keywords with different variations and different match types in the same ad group? Yes. I’ve found this to be easiest to set up and optimize/manage, and you get all the same benefits that the SKAG fans swear by.

As complex as AdWords is, there are always going to be different things you can focus on. Some of them will have a greater impact on your bottom line than others.

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