Pre-Internet Headlines from John Caples

Believe it or not, headlines have been around in advertising since before pay-per-click ads – even since before the internet was a thing.

Yes, there was a time when a headline wasn’t something you clicked on.

It’s crazy, I know.

In a fantastic book by John Caples titled “How to Make Your Advertising Make Money” (published in 1983) there’s a chapter about headlines with a neat little quiz.

The quiz asks you to select which headline did better. The rest of the ad was identical…the only thing different was the headline.

One example in the quiz is for an ad selling a monthly subscription magazine, which included an order form that could be used to order the magazine subscription as a Christmas gift.

Here are the two headlines:

-How to do your Christmas shopping in 5 minutes

-The gift that comes 12 times a year

Which of these headlines do you think brought more sales than the other one?

Drum roll please….

Well, it turns out, “How to do your Christmas shopping in 5 minutes” was the winner by a long shot (producing 90 percent more magazine subscription sales).

But simply knowing that this ad won in a split test doesn’t help you much. You need to understand WHY it was the winner.

Once you watch the ads section of my Essential AdWords Crash Course, it should become very obvious to you why that headline did so much better than the other one.

I don’t talk about this specific example in the training, but when I tell you what to include in your AdWords ads (and what not to include), you’ll understand. And once you understand, you’ll naturally become better at writing winning ads yourself.

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