Learn How to Manage AdWords Campaigns for Local Businesses

In my private Business Builder Mastermind group, a student recently posted (about the AdWords For Local Businesses course):

Just wanted to say “Thank you, Kyle!”. I´ve been ‘studying’ your videos from the course for local businesses only for 4 weeks and my campaign already really runs more than well! Makes me excited!”

I’m glad she’s excited…but I’m even more happy with the results she’s been getting.

She’s only 4 weeks into her campaign…and it’s set up about as well as I could have set it up myself (I took a look inside, and she’s doing great). She also knows how to manage it herself. All because she’s following the training videos in the AdWords For Local Businesses course.

Does it put me out of a job?

Kind of.

You see, people hire me to set up and manage their AdWords campaigns. Even though I’m getting more and more into teaching, AdWords management is still my main source of income.

My standard fee to set up a campaign is $1000, and the monthly management is an investment of $500 or more, depending on the scope of the campaign. So within 4 weeks, I already would have collected $1500 for setting up and managing this campaign. Within a year, I’d be earning $7000 from this one account.

Obviously, this takes some work. Not every business owner has the time or the patience to learn AdWords themselves. That’s why MANY are HAPPY to pay someone else to set up and manage their ads for them.

The AdWords For Local Businesses course is set up to help you with a few different things.

First, it shows you exactly how to set up and manage AdWords campaigns for local businesses. Whether you are setting up a campaign for your own business, or for a client’s business, you will know what to do.

Second, if you ARE someone who wants to manage campaigns for clients, the training shows you some ways to GET clients. These are all proven methods of client acquisition, so you can choose the methods that appeal to you and get to work.

Third, you get access to the Business Builder Mastermind group. This is a private groups consisting only of other people who have invested in the AdWords For Local Businesses course. This is where you can get any type of help you need. Maybe you want advice on your ads, or maybe you have a question about something else from the course. The Business Builder Mastermind group is a growing community of business owners and marketers, and I’m sure you’ll fit right in.

You can click here to learn all about the course and sign up now.

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