Limited AdWords Budget (“how to invest it best?”)

Yesterday you read about Mirja, and how she is getting a 500% ROI with her AdWords campaign. (She’s doing this completely on her own – I’ve answered a few questions for her, but she’s the one managing the campaign.)

What I didn’t make clear in that email, is that Mirja’s business is not a “local” business. In fact, she sent me a message before signing up for the course:

“One of our business domains is to find solutions for incoming expats who look for health insurance in Germany. So this part of our business is not ‘local’, our clients contact us sometimes even from abroad before they move here. We give advice via skype., mail and phone or desktop-sharing. Do you think, the course would help us? We only have limited budget so I am wondering, how to invest it best?”

I take the success of my students very seriously, so I took some time to learn about Mirja’s business. I asked what she was hoping to get out of AdWords. I looked over an AdWords campaign she had tried once before. (Google had set up that campaign, and needless to say, it didn’t do so well.)

My honest assessment was that the course could help her. The main reasons were:

1) The goal of the campaign was to generate leads.
2) People were searching for what she was offering.
3) Her expectations were realistic.

So she went ahead and invested in the course, and is now making her investment back over and over – on a recurring basis.

Are you in a similar position as Mirja? Are you wondering if AdWords For Local Businesses is right for you? Maybe your business isn’t a “local” business? Send me a message on Facebook and let’s talk.

One requirement for success with my system is that you must have (or want) a lead generation campaign. The course could just as easily be called “AdWords For Lead Generation” – but it will not help you if you’re selling an online product, a physical product, or if you’re just trying to “increase brand awareness.” Brand awareness doesn’t pay the bills. Leads that you convert to customers…that’s what pays the bills.

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