Licked to death by a litter-box-trained bunny rabbit

I got a pet bunny a few weeks ago. Something my wife saw in a Facebook “for sale” group and wanted (I didn’t object…the thing is friggin cool). He’s litter box trained so he’s free to roam around our living room!

Sometimes he sits next to me on the couch, and he’ll just start licking. He’ll lick me…he’ll lick the couch…whatever. He can get into a rhythm and really go for a long time if I don’t stop him.

I guess that’s how he keeps himself clean too. He’ll lick one little spot for a while. Later, he’ll lick another little spot. Over the course of a few days, he’s licked every little spot.

The AdWords For Local Business course, and the Elite Conversion Optimization course are broken down into manageable chunks. You lick one little spot at a time. When that’s good…when you understand it and implement it…you move on.

I’ve learned and applied all this stuff over the course of many years. You can learn and apply it in a matter of days or weeks (depending on how fast you choose to move through the material).

There’s a lot to cover, but you don’t need to get drenched in spit right away. Just just lick one spot at a time, and you’ll be clean before you know it!

Stick out your tongue and start licking here:

(Just hop on over to the order page, enter your info, and sign up now. You’ll get immediate access to all the content so you can go through it at your own pace.)

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