“Learn AdWords in Under an Hour” …SMDH

I just saw an ad for some training that said “Learn AdWords in Under an Hour” and it left me puzzled.

What do they MEAN?

Learn how to spell AdWords in under an hour?

Learn how to log into AdWords in under an hour?

Learn how to blow through your entire budget in under an hour?

You certainly can’t “learn AdWords” in under an hour. Sorry bro, it doesn’t work that way.

Learning AdWords takes some time…but even that (“Learning AdWords”) doesn’t mean much.

Who cares if you learn AdWords? There are plenty of people who have learned AdWords who are still struggling.

What you NEED to learn is a system.

In AdWords For Local Businesses, you’ll learn a system…

A step-by-step system you can follow to set up and manage AdWords campaigns for any local business. A system for getting more quality leads from AdWords.

So why does it cost a thousand dollars when you can go “learn AdWords” somewhere else for free?

Because it’s a system that works.

As of this writing, fifty students have enrolled, and zero refunds have been requested.

Get it here now.


P.S. – As I was writing this, one of my students posted a comment that’s worth sharing: “I bought the course last time it was available. Man am I glad I did. If you are on the fence like I was, do it. I can say for me, it was definitely worth it.” Enroll here now.

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