Is AdWords Support Helpful?

I just read this story about a guy who went to a Waffle House drunk a couple nights ago. Nobody came to help him for over 10 minutes. The only employee in sight was sleeping at a table.

So the drunk guy took matters into his own hands and went behind the counter to cook his own meal.

The guy’s post is going viral on Facebook, and even Waffle House has a sense of humor about it, saying (in an official statement):

“Obviously Alex has some cooking skills, and we’d like to talk to him about a job since we may have something for him.”

Alex was able to pull this off because, as it turns out, making a bacon and pickle sandwich doesn’t require much specialized knowledge. A Waffle House employee couldn’t have helped him any better than he helped himself.

The same is true of Google AdWords support employees. They’ll offer to help with your campaigns. They’ll even offer to set up your campaign for you. But can they really help you any better than you can help yourself?

They can navigate the software, but they are missing a very important piece of specialized knowledge. Knowledge that can’t be overlooked if you’re serious about AdWords…

The knowledge of how to set up and run profitable campaigns.

How did I acquire this knowledge? I lost thousands through trial and error running ads for my own junk removal business. That was my first wake up call, and it’s what started my obsession with AdWords. Since then I’ve spent millions running ads for other businesses…refining my system along the way.

How can you acquire this knowledge? You can just copy my system.

It’s all laid out for you, step-by-step, in my AdWords For Local Businesses training.

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