Inside My Facebook Ad Campaign Results

I ran some Facebook Ads last week, as part of the promotion for my course…I thought you might be interested in the results.

The targeting?

It wasn’t cold traffic, and it wasn’t burning hot either. I was targeting anyone who had been to any page of my website in the past six months (not just people who had been to the course order page). So basically, I was being aggressive by targeting all my website visitors, but I wasn’t being stupid by sending cold traffic to a $497 product.

The results?

I’ll post a screenshot at the bottom of this post. I spent $248.17 on my Facebook Ads. This generated five sales totaling $2,485.00.

That’s a 1001% ROI when you do the math.

Most of my sales came from other sources, but five extra sales at a 10x return is nothing to sneeze at.

Now, I’m no expert at Facebook Ads (LOL, not at all). Still…these are the best results I’ve ever gotten on Facebook.

I like to give credit where credit is due. In this case, I give credit to Dan Henry’s course on Facebook ads (Funnels & Ads For Entrepreneurs). I never ran a super-successful Facebook Ad campaign until I started to implement some of the things he teaches.

If you’re interested in Facebook Ads, you can check out his course by first opting in for his free webinar here: (affiliate link)

NOTE: Dan’s webinar is mostly about starting a Facebook Ad agency. You’re not going to learn much about Facebook Ads on the webinar. But inside his course you will learn a TON about Facebook Ads…that’s where the magic happens, in my opinion. You need to at least sign up for his webinar before you can get to the order page for his course.

As promised, here are my results from last week:

aflb facebook results

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