I like Dean.

Dean is a student in my AdWords For Local Businesses course.

I like Dean.

When he came to me, he was already running a successful marketing agency. But he’s not the type who gets too comfortable…he’s always trying to cram more knowledge into his head and try new things so he can serve his clients better.Dean was actually on the fence about buying the course…

“I wanted to make sure that somebody like me, who has clients, that it would be relevant for them. And I found it is. And then it is not inexpensive. I would say I’ve already made my return on investment, but you know up front you’re looking at a dollar sign there.”But now that he’s been cramming his noggin, he’s glad he took the plunge…

“The first thing that I’ve noticed is the level of detail that you cover. You literally walk through every single step, and you show every single step on the screen, while you’re doing it, while you’re talking about it. Which for me is really helpful. I’m a visual learner, so for you to explain what you’re doing and explain the pros and cons and ‘this is what works’ and ‘this is what doesn’t work’ while I’m watching it on the screen… that level of detail is incredible. I mean, granular to an extreme which is fantastic.”

And he’s not just learning this stuff for his health…

“I’m doing AdWords for a couple clients now, and I’ve already noticed an increase of about 50% conversions in one of the clients.”

Dean is enrolled in AdWords For Local Businesses, and you’re invited to join him.

Be like Dean.

Learn more about the training and sign up here today.

Enrollment closes on Wednesday. After that I’ll be closing the doors and working closely with the new group of students. I’ll see you on the inside.

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