How to Land Your First Client

Getting new clients doesn’t need to be hard.

Most people overcomplicate things by thinking they need funnels, auto-responders, blogs, testimonials, case studies, LinkedIn profiles, chat bots, etc.

Or they think they need to cold call or spend a bunch of money on ads.

Listen, your first few clients aren’t gonna give a hoot about what your “funnel” looks like or what kind of “lead magnet” you have. Forget about that stuff right now.

One of my students, Roy, landed his first client in one of the easiest ways I know of…something I’ve done myself a few times.

Once he had the client on board (a fence contractor), he just applied the methods he learned in my AdWords For Local Businesses course and he generated 11 leads within the first $88 spent on ads.

Watch this short video to see how Roy got his first client, and how he was able to get these results even though he was new to AdWords.

Then, join Roy and enroll in AdWords For Local Businesses here.

Shortly after we recorded this video, Roy updated me on the results of this campaign. After spending $118, the campaign brought in 15 leads which lead to two jobs for the contractor. Total revenue on these jobs was $7,700 and the total profit was $2,310. This is an ROI of 1,957%…NOW Roy has a case study that’s helping him get more clients to build his business. Get the training here.


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