Good and Bad AdWords Ads

Bill, a member of my AdWords Marketing Strategy group, was taken aback by my Essential AdWords Crash Course training (specifically, the section about ads)…

“On the vid, Kyle is straight talking – with clear do this , don’t do that, rather than the hedging that is so common online.
Clearly, he has spent his time in the trenches. Thanks for the video”

It’s true I’ve spent some time in the trenches…I still do (my face is covered in mud right now).

In the video Bill is commenting on, I go really deep into ads. You’ll see examples of good ads, bad ads, and you’ll see me break them down in great detail so you understand what makes them good or bad.

You’ll learn what never to put in your ads, and how to make your ad stand out when your competitors are selling the same thing.

You’ll see why most businesses waste space in their ads, and how you can avoid this common mistake.

And a ton more.

This training isn’t just for beginners.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced, or William Shakespeare…you will walk away from this training better at writing ads.

Click here to get in.

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