Get Your Prospects to Sell Themselves (the “Reverse-Sell” question)

There’s a question you can ask your prospects when they contact you.

It’s a simple question, but it can have profound results.

I call it the “Reverse-Sell” question because it flips the dynamic of the interaction from the start.

It basically gets the prospects to sell themselves on why they should hire you. THEY do the job of salesman for you.

In fact, if you ever contact me wanting me to manage your AdWords campaigns or something, I’ll probably ask you the question.

And you’ll answer it.

And in the process of answering, you’ll sell yourself on why you want to hire me.

Even if you KNOW why I’m asking the question, it will still work. You’ll think “I know what you’re doing here Kyle…but that’s cool…I’ll go along with it…I’ll answer your question.”

That’s how effective it is.

In my Essential AdWords Crash Course, I reveal the exact wording of the “Reverse-Sell” question and explain the psychology behind it.

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