Get More Clients (Marketing Agency Training)

When I started offering my AdWords For Local Businesses course, something happened that I didn’t expect.

I found that a majority of the people signing up are actually in the marketing biz (not in the local biz biz).

Sure, there are local business owners who have enrolled…that’s who the course was designed for…but most of the people going through my training are running marketing agencies of their own, or working on starting their own agencies.

To meet the demand of my students, I recently added a section to my course:

Get More Clients (Marketing Agency Training)

It’s over three hours of in-depth training, loaded with several proven methods and strategies to help you get more clients for your marketing agency.

Topics include…

* Define your ideal client so you can get easy wins and avoid “time vampires.”

* Learn which types of industries, businesses, and clients to avoid at all costs.

* Position yourself properly so you don’t look like a noob.

* 3 easy ways to get business and referrals from friends and family without sounding salesy (and without damaging your personal relationships).

* Get the inside scoop on local business networking groups. Which types of groups are worth your time, and which ones will suck the life out of you?

* Use the “value stacking” method to post in Facebook groups and get people messaging you (without pissing off any group admins).

* Start and grow your own Facebook group by following some simple steps. This is easier than you think!

* Find and target clients you WANT to work with, who you know can PAY. Learn prospecting methods to help you stay hyper-focused.

* [Advanced] Sales call training and scripts to help you keep decision-makers on the phone, demonstrate your knowledge, and close the sale.

* Ever thought about writing a book? I wrote my book “Essential AdWords” in less than a week, and it has been one of the top AdWords books on Amazon for almost a year. In this training, I walk you through my entire process of writing, publishing, and promoting the book…including things I would do differently knowing what I know now.

I’m still adding content to this section, but the above topics are what you’ll find inside RIGHT NOW.

When you enroll today, you get immediate access to all the lessons, and you’ll keep getting access to new lessons as they’re added.

Click here now for the FULL details.

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