Free AdWords Campaign Review (Do you want me to uncover something you might be missing?)

I work in a shared office building, with a shared kitchen, bathroom, printer, etc.

Last week, I was trying to print something and it wasn’t working.

My computer said the job was sent, the printer showed my job, but told me the paper wasn’t available. Paper was in the tray, everything looked good…


Deleted my pending print job, reset the printer, reset my computer, sent the job again.

Same thing…nothing. I was ready to go full-on “Office Space” and take a baseball bat to the thing.

After fifteen minutes of this, I went to get help from Colin, the officer manager. Within ten seconds, he figured out the problem (it was some kind of paper setting in the printer properties on my computer). He knew what to look for.

It would’ve taken my several hours to figure this out on my own. I probably would’ve given up and driven to the library or something to use a printer there.

Just because of one little printer setting. One click of the mouse.

There are settings like this all over inside AdWords. Do you want me to uncover something you might be missing?

Email [email protected] with your AdWords Customer ID. I’ll make a quick 5-10 minute video pointing out some things you can do to improve your campaign. My gift to you.

I usually have a few of these on my to-do list, so I’m not sure when I’ll get to yours. If you get impatient, I may not reply to you at all. Just give me a little time and I’ll send you your free review.

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