Find The Right AdWords Keywords

When people request to join my AdWords Marketing Strategy group on Facebook, I have the opportunity to ask them a few questions. So I take advantage of this, and one of the questions I normally ask is about the biggest challenge or question they have when it comes to AdWords.

The most frequent responses have to do with keywords (“finding the right keywords” “campaign setup / keyword selection” “finding good keywords” “How to compete on keywords with high bids” etc.).

These are good questions, because keywords are a crucial part of AdWords. I’ve seen people wasting over 90% of their budgets on keywords that should have NEVER been added to their campaigns.

Like a fish tank cleaner in New York City…75% of his budget was being spent on people searching for “NYC aquarium.” Only about 5% of his traffic was relevant to people who might need to get their fish tanks cleaned.

Most people aren’t making mistakes that big, but it’s the little mistakes that add up.

That’s why the very first topic in my AdWords For Local Businesses course is about keywords. Inside the keyword training you’ll learn step-by-step how to:

-Choose the right keywords for your business.
-Create airtight campaigns that focus on attracting BUYERS.
-Stop wasting money on incorrect keywords.
-Find tons of negative keywords that will save you money from day one.

You’ll see examples from actual live accounts, and you’ll get to have your keyword lists reviewed by me and my other students before you start your campaigns (in the privacy of the Business Builder Mastermind group).

Enroll today to make sure you’re not making the big and small mistakes that could be sucking up your budget or your client’s budget.

Click here to enroll.

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