Elite Conversion Optimization (bonus course)

You know the movie “Inception” where the guys go inside a dream inside a dream inside a dream? They do this to plant an idea inside the mind of a CEO, as a way to steal some corporate secrets.

It’s a great flick.

Now, I’m not quite as dreamy as Leo DiCaprio, but I just pulled a little “Inception” trick of my own…

I just added a course inside my course.

When you enroll in AdWords For Local Businesses today, you will also get immediate access to my brand new course:

Elite Conversion Optimization

This is a “look over my shoulder” course that takes you inside a real account to show you everything I do to optimize it (while I’m doing it).


The results?

The account went from an average cost per conversion of $34.50 over the past month, down to less than $12.00 per conversion within ONE DAY. And you get to see it all.

The old campaign wasn’t in horrible shape. There weren’t any irrelevant search terms sucking up half the budget or anything. The results came from a series of changes I made that compounded on one another.

If you’re managing an account with a lot of conversion data, this bonus training will show you exactly how you can improve and optimize your results immediately.

The whole plot of “Inception” is about trying to steal someone’s secrets. I’m flipping the script today and giving you my secrets…and you don’t even need to hack into my dreams to get them.

You can get AdWords For Local Businesses, Elite Conversion Optimization, and all the other bonuses here now:


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