AdWords Budget Estimator

A common question that comes up for new AdWords advertisers is: What should my AdWords budget be? While this is an important question, it’s also one that doesn’t have a straightforward answer. If AdWords is profitable for you, then your budget should be AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. If AdWords is not profitable for you, then […]

AdWords Ad Length Tool

AdWords text ads allow a two 30-character headlines and one 80-character description lines. You also get to add two 15-character URL path fields (this doesn’t have to be the actual landing page URL, but the domain has to be the same). Use this tool to help you write ads that are the correct length, without […]

4 Ideas For Your AdWords Ads

If you ever get writer’s block when coming up with AdWords ads, or if you just want some more ideas so you can keep testing fresh ads, here are a few ideas that can hep you. Just answer these questions, and work the answers in your ads: 1) What problem are you solving, in a […]

AdWords Software: Ad Copy Generator

Can a computer write a better AdWords ad than you? Some futurists think we’re entering an age where the best copywriters in the world will be replaced by artificial intelligence. I’m highly skeptical of this claim. I think quality persuasive writing requires a depth of human experience and an understanding of the human psyche that […]

Word Frequency Counter

Paste your text or list of words into this word counter tool. A new page will open with the results. This word frequency counter counts the number of times each unique word appears in your text. Put your text here: