The Truth About Quality Score (Google Ads)

What is Quality Score? Let’s start by looking at Google’s definition: So…quality score is an after-the-fact estimate. It doesn’t determine anything. All it tells you is whether or not Google thought your ads and landing pages lead to a positive user experience. There are a couple other metrics I prefer to look at when determining […]

500% ROI (AdWords For Insurance!)

Mirja sells insurance in Germany. She’s been in business for 15 years and has a thriving business. (Congrats Mirja! I was in college 15 years ago so I was basically just killing a lot of brain cells at that time.) Always trying to improve, Mirja signed up for my local business course a few months […]

AdWords Certifiworthless Exam

Yesterday, I made fun of one of the AdWords certification exam answers. Let me riff on this for a minute. The AdWords certification exam has nothing to do with someone’s ability to produce great results in AdWords. Nothing. There is no correlation. The only reason I’ve ever taken the darn test is because Google used […]

Why Conversions are Meaningless

I’ve talked extensively about conversions, and how to get more of them. So why is the subject of this post “Why conversions are meaningless”? Let me explain. In AdWords, a conversion is nothing more than a piece of data that tells you whether a user did something. If you’re tracking phone calls, for example, you […]

The Locksmith Story

There’s a story I really like. It’s about two different locksmiths (in two alternate universes). The story starts with a family who is locked out of their home in the freezing cold. A locksmith shows up to help them get into their house. The locksmith struggles for over an hour to get the house unlocked…he […]