AdWords In-Market Audiences For Search Campaigns

I’m going to show you a feature right now: In-market targeting for search campaigns. [Note: This post is *loosely* transcribed from this video:] Now you probably haven’t seen this…especially if you are one of the first people to read this post or watch this video…because nobody has been talking about this. I follow all […]

Warning: Blatant sales pitch within…enter if you Dare

If you’re on the fence about AdWords For Local Businesses, here are just a few things you’ll find within the course to help you decide: -How understanding the “Keyword Broadness Spectrum” will help you fine-tune your traffic (and the pros and cons of every point along the spectrum). -Bonus software to generate hundreds of keyword […]

Google Search Partners & How They Affect Your AdWords Campaigns

There’s a little checkbox in your AdWords campaign settings that has the potential to make or break your campaigns. Right next to where you select the Google Search Network for your network selection, there is an option for “Include search partners” that is selected by default. Take a second to think about this option and […]

AdWords Strategies For eCommerce Websites

Here is my list of the top five things eCommerce advertisers should be aware of when using AdWords. When executed properly, these strategies will produce significant differences in the performance of your AdWords campaigns. Search Partners Network In the campaign settings, you should be aware of a little box that says “Include search partners” (next […]