The Truth About Responsive Search Ads (Google Ads)

What are Responsive Search Ads?  This is an ad format where you enter a bunch of different headlines and descriptions, and then the Google ads System will test all the possible combinations of the headlines plus descriptions in order to (supposedly) find the best performing ads. Supposedly, that’s how it’s supposed to work. But in […]

The Truth About Click Fraud (Google Ads)

What is Click Fraud? Click fraud is this idea that you have competitors out there who are constantly clicking on your Google ads so that you waste money. Because of this “problem”, there are a number of software companies that have come to the rescue and they’re offering a “solution”. Basically what this software does […]

The Truth About Competitor Retargeting (Google Ads)

What is the truth about Competitor Retargeting? The truth is: IT’S NOT POSSIBLE Competitor Retargeting is the idea that you can target the people who have been to your competitor’s website. But unless you have your own tracking code on one of your competitor’s websites, this is impossible. I’ve had enough people ask me about […]

The Truth About Quality Score (Google Ads)

What is Quality Score? Let’s start by looking at Google’s definition: So…quality score is an after-the-fact estimate. It doesn’t determine anything. All it tells you is whether or not Google thought your ads and landing pages lead to a positive user experience. There are a couple other metrics I prefer to look at when determining […]

The Truth About Long-Tail Keywords (Google Ads)

What is a Long-tail Keyword? It’s a keyword that you would target which usually has about three to four words or more. That’s how most people would define it. So instead of just targeting a keyword like “chiropractor”, you are targeting keywords like “chiropractors in Philadelphia who accept insurance”. The idea is that by targeting […]

AdWords In-Market Audiences For Search Campaigns

I’m going to show you a feature right now: In-market targeting for search campaigns. [Note: This post is *loosely* transcribed from this video:] Now you probably haven’t seen this…especially if you are one of the first people to read this post or watch this video…because nobody has been talking about this. I follow all […]