AdWords In-Market Audiences For Search Campaigns

I’m going to show you a feature right now: In-market targeting for search campaigns. [Note: This post is *loosely* transcribed from this video:] Now you probably haven’t seen this…especially if you are one of the first people to read this post or watch this video…because nobody has been talking about this. I follow all […]

500% ROI (AdWords For Insurance!)

Mirja sells insurance in Germany. She’s been in business for 15 years and has a thriving business. (Congrats Mirja! I was in college 15 years ago so I was basically just killing a lot of brain cells at that time.) Always trying to improve, Mirja signed up for my local business course a few months […]

Tinder vs. AdWords

The popular dating (*cough* hook-up) app, Tinder, asks you to look at pictures of potential mates. Then, based on the photos, and maybe a brief 2-line bio, you make a potentially life-altering decision by swiping left or right. Swipe left, and you’ll never see the person again. Swipe right, and then IF the other person […]

New AdWords Interface Training

The last month has been a hard grind for me. In addition to my normal stuff… 1) My Family 2) My Clients 3) My Students …I’ve been holed up in my fortress of solitude, RE-RECORDING daym-near my entire AdWords For Local Businesses course. Why did I do this? Well quite simply, Google got all ambitious […]

AdWords Budget Estimator

A common question that comes up for new AdWords advertisers is: What should my AdWords budget be? While this is an important question, it’s also one that doesn’t have a straightforward answer. If AdWords is profitable for you, then your budget should be AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. If AdWords is not profitable for you, then […]

AdWords Ad Length Tool

AdWords text ads allow a two 30-character headlines and one 80-character description lines. You also get to add two 15-character URL path fields (this doesn’t have to be the actual landing page URL, but the domain has to be the same). Use this tool to help you write ads that are the correct length, without […]

AdWords Certifiworthless Exam

Yesterday, I made fun of one of the AdWords certification exam answers. Let me riff on this for a minute. The AdWords certification exam has nothing to do with someone’s ability to produce great results in AdWords. Nothing. There is no correlation. The only reason I’ve ever taken the darn test is because Google used […]