The Truth About Responsive Search Ads (Google Ads)

What are Responsive Search Ads?  This is an ad format where you enter a bunch of different headlines and descriptions, and then the Google ads System will test all the possible combinations of the headlines plus descriptions in order to (supposedly) find the best performing ads. Supposedly, that’s how it’s supposed to work. But in […]

The Truth About Competitor Retargeting (Google Ads)

What is the truth about Competitor Retargeting? The truth is: IT’S NOT POSSIBLE Competitor Retargeting is the idea that you can target the people who have been to your competitor’s website. But unless you have your own tracking code on one of your competitor’s websites, this is impossible. I’ve had enough people ask me about […]

Tinder vs. AdWords

The popular dating (*cough* hook-up) app, Tinder, asks you to look at pictures of potential mates. Then, based on the photos, and maybe a brief 2-line bio, you make a potentially life-altering decision by swiping left or right. Swipe left, and you’ll never see the person again. Swipe right, and then IF the other person […]

AdWords Ad Length Tool

AdWords text ads allow a two 30-character headlines and one 80-character description lines. You also get to add two 15-character URL path fields (this doesn’t have to be the actual landing page URL, but the domain has to be the same). Use this tool to help you write ads that are the correct length, without […]

Pre-Internet Headlines from John Caples

Believe it or not, headlines have been around in advertising since before pay-per-click ads – even since before the internet was a thing. Yes, there was a time when a headline wasn’t something you clicked on. It’s crazy, I know. In a fantastic book by John Caples titled “How to Make Your Advertising Make Money” […]

Good and Bad AdWords Ads

Bill, a member of my AdWords Marketing Strategy group, was taken aback by my Essential AdWords Crash Course training (specifically, the section about ads)… “On the vid, Kyle is straight talking – with clear do this , don’t do that, rather than the hedging that is so common online. Clearly, he has spent his time […]

4 Ideas For Your AdWords Ads

If you ever get writer’s block when coming up with AdWords ads, or if you just want some more ideas so you can keep testing fresh ads, here are a few ideas that can hep you. Just answer these questions, and work the answers in your ads: 1) What problem are you solving, in a […]

AdWords Competitor Keywords

I searched “ghost bed” on Google recently while I was shopping around for a mattress. During my research, I learned that a lot of mattress companies have some very smart folks behind their marketing. GhostBed, Purple Mattress, Tuft & Needle, Casper, Leesa…all have some great marketing behind their products (probably why they’re dominating the online […]