Call Tracking

Every Marketer’s Dream-Come-True!

What’s the most important part of a direct-response ad campaign?


You need to know everything you can about who’s responding… from what ad… where they saw it… and so forth. This helps you make smarter advertising decisions forever after. And that is what makes the difference between the WINNERS and the LOSERS in the advertising game.

You must know which ads are pulling, which ones aren’t, and WHY. If you don’t, you can’t possibly maximize or optimize your efforts.

You certainly won’t get the maximum return for your advertising dollar if you don’t know which ads are working, and which ones aren’t.

Knowing where to put your money next time is the KEY to future success.

Want to know which AD COPY out-pulls in a split-run TEST? You MUST know where your responses came from.

AdLeg’s Call Tracking Service can do that for you – and more!

Here’s how it works…

First, you start by getting multiple local phone numbers for your desired area code.

Then, you use a different phone number on all your marketing materials so you can easily see what’s generating the most business.

All calls are instantly forwarded to your primary business phone – where they are tracked and recorded and in real-time. And they’re available for you to listen to immediately. You’ll be able to identify every lead generated, including calls that were not answered.

If you want to record your outbound calls, simply use our web-based platform to call from any of your tracking numbers.

And check out these other crazy features:

Unwanted numbers can be blacklisted. You can choose to add our “universal blacklist” of known telemarketer phone numbers. Why? Because you really don’t want them calling you and tying up your phone lines. So, this up-to-date list “blacklists” these numbers from trying to call you. You’ll save valuable employee time while reducing distractions.
Furthermore, our service also offers…

Dynamic website referrer tracking. This tracks each call based on the source of the user. Your website can display a different number to all the visitors who come to your site through the following sources: Google AdWords, Google Organic, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, & YouTube. All you need is one number for each source you want to track, plus a default number for all other sources.

All-inclusive plans. Choose a plan that includes all the minutes you need – you’ll receive a flat-rate bill every month. No hidden fees!

iPhone and Android app! Now you can view real-time call reports and listen to recordings from any of your tracking phone numbers!

This is truly a direct-marketer’s DREAM COME TRUE.

And now it can be YOURS for less than $100 a month!

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  •     Plan A: $97/month

    • Minutes Included:
    • 1,000
    • Phone Numbers:
    • 10
    • Each Additional Minute:
    • $0.08
    • Each Additional Number:
    • $3.00
  •    Plan B: $197/month

    • Minutes Included:
    • 3,000
    • Phone Numbers:
    • 15
    • Each Additional Minute:
    • $0.06
    • Each Additional Number:
    • $2.50
  •    Plan C: $297/month

    • Minutes Included:
    • 5,000
    • Phone Numbers:
    • 20
    • Each Additional Minute:
    • $0.04
    • Each Additional Number:
    • $2.00