“Best training for AdWords for small business”

Gabriel says:

“If you are on the fence about this course, then let me tell you (unsolicited). Kyle is clear and contrite in his teaching: not info-marketing here. Just pure, cold hard, in-the-trenches, down & dirty teaching. Best training for AdWords for small business on the market.”

I tend to agree with Gabriel, but I’m horribly biased.

Certainly, I set out to create the best AdWords training on the market. Comments like Gabriel’s let me know I’m doing something right, but they don’t cause me to get lazy.

In fact, since the above comment was left (about a month ago) an ENTIRE MODULE has been added to the course: “Get More Clients (Marketing Agency Training)”

…and an ENTIRE COURSE has been added as a bonus: “Elite Conversion Optimization”

Click here to enroll in the course right now and start getting your hands dirty.

In case you haven’t seen them yet, here are ALL the bonuses listed with the course:

#1: Lifetime Access to My Private Business Builder Mastermind Group
#2: Dentist Campaign Case Study
#3: Keyword Burst Software
#4: Ad Copy Generator Software
#5: “The Big Book Of AdWords Ads”
#6: 80/20 Fast Track Roadmap
#7: Account Audit Checklists
#8: “Elite Conversion Optimization” Course

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