Be an outlaw…

Yesterday I shared one simple method for creating a retargeting campaign that gets people begging to buy from you. If you haven’t been following me, you can find it on my Facebook page or my YouTube channel.

Click this link and you’ll see how I’ve set up my own retargeting campaign for my AdWords For Local Businesses course (because you’ll be getting retargeted – it’s all very meta, I know).

But that’s not the only reason you should click the link…

You see, two months ago I started working with a small group of students…a brave band of merry men who got in the first time I offered AdWords For Local Businesses.

This group of outlaws consisted of local business owners, professional marketers, and folks just staring out who wanted to learn AdWords so they could start their own marketing agencies.

I was a wee bit nervous, to be honest.

Who the hell was I to teach this stuff? I’m no guru.

Over the years I’ve developed some very specialized methods for running AdWords campaigns, specifically for local businesses.

I know my stuff works for me and my clients, but can I teach it? Will people be able to learn from me? I don’t know, man…

Then a couple days into the experiment, one of my students, Dean, posted in the student group:

“I’m halfway through module 1. It is already better and more easy to understand and more thorough than any other AdWords information I’ve come across. I’ll put it in perspective: I’m watching the AdWords Course instead of the new season of Sherlock.”

Thanks Dean – my nerves were finally calmed. I could stop sweating like my seventh-grade self whenever a pretty girl walked by. Now I knew for certain I had something.

Dean isn’t the only student who’s had success with the AdWords For Local Businesses training. When you click the link in this post, you’ll get to see some other success stories too.

This stuff works.

Over the past couple months, I’ve been adding more content to the course, clarifying some lessons, and adding more examples. I’ve even added a couple pieces of software to make your life easier. Now I’m releasing it into the world again. Ready to grow my band of outlaws.

Enough of my ramblings…go check out the course right now. I want you to MAKE SURE the course is gonna be right for YOU. Send me a message if you have any questions.

I’ll give you some time to make up your mind, but I also like to work with action-takers, so I’m closing the doors to this offer on Wednesday. Go see what’s included:

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