The AdWords Roller Coaster

Yesterday, I mentioned Wild Thing – the tallest and fastest roller coaster at Valley fair.

In 2005, a radio station held a contest to see who could ride the roller coaster the longest. The winner would be awarded a new car.

Contestants were allowed to get off the ride for 10 minutes every hour to stay fed and hydrated, but were otherwise locked in place by a seat belt and shoulder bar.

I once rode Wild Thing twice in a row (with about 10 minutes in between to get off and walk back around to the front of the line). It’s no joke. My 9-year-old wanted to go again, but I couldn’t stomach it.

The winner of the radio station’s contest, Doug LeClair, rode the ride for 11 straight days. That’s 1,581 times around the track. The second-place finisher was right there with him until she accepted a $2500 bribe to get off.

I guess you get numb to it after a while (the participants even brought blankets and pillows to SLEEP on the rollercoaster).

This is how I felt when I was learning AdWords years ago. Numb. I took a long rollercoaster ride and learned things the hard way, losing thousands of dollars in the process through trial and error. There was no “AdWords For Local Businesses” course at the time, and the information that was out there was sparse and often misleading.

But that was then, and this is now.

Now, you have the opportunity to plug into my complete “AdWords For Local Businesses” system. You get a step-by-step blueprint so you can avoid going 1,581 times around the Wild Thing track.

You also get to plug into my private Business Builder Mastermind group – a group of marketers and business owners like you, all with one common goal: Building and growing their businesses.

Check out all the details here.

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