AdWords Search Network Score: [9/10]

AdWords Search ads should be a very profitable source of revenue for your business. [If your campaigns are not performing well, there are likely many opportunities for improvement.] [You should strongly consider giving AdWords a try.]

AdWords Display Network Score: [9/10]

AdWords Display ads could perform very well for your business. [If your campaigns are struggling, there are likely some things that can be improved.] [If you haven’t tried Display ads, you should strongly consider giving them a try.]

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Kyle Sulerud

Hi, I’m Kyle Sulerud – a Google AdWords enthusiast turned pro, and the founder of AdLeg.

Before I mastered AdWords, I was a small business owner trying to figure out how to get more business. I threw together an AdWords campaign (because “everyone was doing it”) and paid my bill every month without questioning how much business was actually being generated.​  [Continue Reading...]