AdWords Not Working?

I looked at an AdWords account the other day that was humming along just fine…for a little while.

The ads were getting seen and clicked on, and the traffic was turning into a nice little pile of leads every day.

All was well in the world.

But after a few weeks of the good life, things started to take a turn…

The ads weren’t showing up as high on the page, or as often. They were getting clicked on less and less.

Despite the lower ad position, the cost per click was INCREASING. The problems were compounding and the cost per lead was shooting through the roof.

The biz owner was running these ads himself, and actually had things set up pretty well. He hadn’t changed anything, but the campaign was still starting to tank.

All was not well.

Double-U-tee-eff happened?

Wait…go back… “He hadn’t changed anything.”


You see, this was a competitive market. A quick look at the Auction Insights Report showed over 20 competitors fighting for the same ad space.

When our friend started running his ads, he basically snuck to the front of the line – catching everyone by surprise and gobbling up some of the spoils for himself.

Before long, however, some of those 20+ competitors start to notice. They don’t notice YOU, necessarily. What they DO notice is that THEY are losing traffic and getting fewer conversions.

It may not even be another person noticing this (attack of the robots). So many people have some form of automated bidding set up in their AdWords accounts…when the automation robot notices it is getting outbid, bids start to increase across the board. By doing nothing, you are actually doing something: You’re letting the robots win.

So what’s the solution to all this?

Should you use automated bidding in your account too?

Not unless you want your ads to perform like everyone else who is blindly following Google’s advice and letting the clunky robots do their bidding.

You’re smarter than that.

The key is to ACTIVELY MANAGE your campaigns, and be VERY DELIBERATE about every setting you use and every change you make.

You need to be familiar with bidding strategies, network options, campaign organization, bid modifiers, language settings, ad settings, search term research, keyword types, negative keywords, conversion tracking, location targeting, device adjustments, quality score…

The list goes on.

You don’t just need to be familiar with these options…

You need to know how to enslave and use them for your selfish benefit.

So while your competitors and their robot slaves are having a contest to see who can spend the most money on their traffic, you’ll be quietly and methodically making tweaks to improve your results WITHOUT paying Google more than you need to.

Bidding will still be a factor – we can’t escape this truth. But it will be just one of MANY factors influencing your results and sending you down the path towards AdWords domination.

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