AdWords Negative Keyword Research: Google Predictive Search Method (Video)

Video Transcript

In this video, I’m going to show you my Google Predictive Search Method for locating negative keywords, and we’re basically going to take advantage of the predictive search results that Google shows us when we’re performing a search. We’re going to use those results to identify negative keywords for our campaigns. When I do this, rather than using the search box here on, what I use is the box in the Firefox web browser. I found that this displays a lot more results, which is perfect for what we’re doing here now. Basically, you’re going to enter your keyword in the box.

So let’s pretend we are a plumber and we’re looking for keywords related to – we’re looking for negative keywords related to the keyword plumbers. So I’ve entered plumbers here and you can see that almost all of these predictive results are searches that we wouldn’t want our ads showing for – if we were  just a plumbing service company. So, what I’m going to do is start my list here in a word document. So we have putty, supply, don’t wear ties, tape, salaries, snake, of course plumbers near me would be a good quality keyword, but crack, union, and a wrench are not. Now, Google does somewhat of a job of filtering out irrelevant searches. They’re not going to show ads for plumbers, if people are just googling plumbers crack, but it’s not going to hurt to add that. And the more negative keywords you have, the better because we cannot rely on Google to  show our ads where we want them to.

The next step here is to start with the alphabet. As far as what the next word is going to be here, I’m going to start with “A”. It’s going to show me all the predictions that start with “A”, so we can see apprentice, auger. Move on to “B”. Do you get the idea? We want to go to the entire alphabet here. It actually won’t take that long to do, and it’ll be more than worth it in terms of  saving you from irrelevant clicks. And then, you want to keep doing this for all your keywords; at least the keywords that are going to be popular, and have more volume. We also want to do this for plumber – singular, and  we’ll see a lot of the same results but some different once, jokes, job description. Once you go through this, you’ll have a really good start on your negative keyword list. It’s not going to be completely comprehensive, but this is where I always start when I’m doing my negative keyword research.

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