AdWords Munchausen Syndrome

I just read a news story about a woman who got arrested for taking her 8-year-old son to the hospital.

Sounds harmless enough, until you learn the kid has been to the hospital 323 times and has had 13 major surgeries so far in his life.

The father had been trying to put a stop to things for years, saying the mom is crazy and there is nothing wrong with their son. The hospital staff finally realized the dad was right, and the mom was thrown behind bars for causing injury to her child.

It’s a sad story, but hopefully this is a somewhat happy ending and the kid is going to be done with hospitals for a while.

I see people performing unnecessary surgery in their AdWords accounts all the time…adjusting bids every day, setting up so many different campaigns that they are impossible to optimize, split testing ads and declaring “winners” way too early, excluding good keywords that may have just had a bad string of traffic.

It’s darn-near criminal.

Not only is it a massive waste of time, but it can actually hurt your results if you’re changing things too often. Sometimes you need to give your campaign settings a chance. Let your ads get some traction.

Just take a chill-pill, dude.

Of course, you don’t want to be neglectful either. There could be some real issues you need to deal with.

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Your AdWords Munchausen syndrome will be a thing of the past.

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