AdWords Mistake: Using Standard Bid Delivery (Video)

Video Transcript:

A mistake a lot of people making their account is setting their bid delivery to “Standard”.

This is actually the default option, and what this means is Google will show your ad over time based on your budget. It will try to space your ad out throughout the day. What you want to do is switch this to “Accelerated” delivery. What this does is start showing your ad at the beginning of the day – right at midnight – and shows your ad as fast as it can until your budget runs out.

When you switch to this setting you will see a warning that says it’s not for most advertisers and that standard delivery is recommended, and that you may miss out on clicks later in the day.

That’s true but with Standard delivery you’ll be missing out on clicks throughout the day. It will just be randomly spaced out.

With Accelerated delivery at least you have more control. If you find that your budget is getting reached too early in the day what you can do is increase your budget or lower your bid amount. Do this until your ads are basically running throughout the day. With standard delivery you don’t really have this option; you are leaving it up to Google to determine when to show your ads and when not to.

Switch to accelerated delivery and you’ll learn exactly how much traffic you’ll be able to get each day and have a lot more control over your campaign.

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