AdWords Mistake: Thinking You Need To Be In The #1 Ad Position (Video)

Video Transcript:

One mistake that I hear a lot, particularly from new advertisers, is they want to be in the number 1 ad position.

Well, I’ve got some news for you: The number 1 position is usually not where you want to be. It’s too expensive. It’s simply not worth it.

For most companies the sweet spot is going to be around position 3. Maybe position 2 or 4. This is going to give you a reasonable cost compared to your competition and is still going to ensure good conversions. Generally, the higher ad position, the lower your conversion percentage.

Once you’ve run your campaign for a while, if you have really good conversions and you’re making really good profit, maybe it is time to see what happens in the number 1 position. Because – yes, you are going to get more volume if you have the top ad position.

But in general isn’t a good way to start out. You don’t want to target just to try to get into the number 1 position or you’re going to blow your budget too soon. Stick to position 2, 3, and 4 if you want to see the highest profits.

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