AdWords Mistake: Targeting Too Many Languages (Video)

Video Transcript:

When you are going through your AdWords campaign settings, you’re going to run into an option for languages.

Usually this defaults to whatever language your Google account is in, so you will go down your settings and you’ll see “Languages – English”. You can click there and it will give you the option to add more languages. This is where you will see the entire list of languages that you can target.

A huge mistake you can make is adding multiple languages. A lot of advertisers do this thinking the more people they target the more eyes are going to be on their ads the more people are going to come through campaign.

This is a huge mistake, if your ad is in English you don’t want somebody who is searching in Spanish to see your ad. Sure they might know English, they might click on your ad. But ultimately that’s not what they were searching for. If you really want to appeal to a Spanish-speaking market then you need to have a Spanish website and ads that are in Spanish.

Trying to target too many languages is going to bring you irrelevant traffic. It’s also going to lower your click through rate because most of these people aren’t going to click on an ad that isn’t in the language that they were searching in. It’s just going to be bad all around.

Yes it might give you some extra visitors but it’s not going to be worth it. Stick to one language in your campaign.

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