AdWords Mistake: Not Viewing The Search Terms Report (Video)

Video Transcript:

Within the keyword tab of your AdWords campaign, there is a deeper section you can go into call the Search Terms Report.

This is a very important report to look at on a regular basis. Not looking at this is a huge mistake.

What it is going to show you are the actual search queries people type into Google before clicking on your ad. This is going to be different from your keywords because if you have broad match, phrase match, or broad match modified – or even with some exact keywords – these aren’t going to be the exact same words people are typing in.

Google is going to much all kind of random searches with your keywords and show those people your ads.

So when you’re looking at the search term report what you’re looking for are keywords that are getting a lot of traffic that you think are good and you should add these as exact match keywords; and then you’re also going to look for keywords that you think are bad – searches that you think your ad should not have been shown for. You can then go ahead and added these as negative keywords.

Adding the negative keywords is going to save a lot of money over time, adding the exact keywords is going to allow you to have more control over your bidding, and ultimately more control over your profits.

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