AdWords Mistake: Not Utilizing Ad Extensions (Video)

Video Transcript:

A huge mistake in AdWords – and something a lot of companies neglect – is setting up ad extensions.

There are different type of ad extensions. Basically what they are is a bonus that appears next to your ad. It could be a phone number, an address. It could be extra links to other pages of your site. It could be what’s called a callout extension, which is basically just more words that you can put in your ad.

What these extensions do is they allow you to add more to your ad, you can add more words, more features, more benefits, more calls to action, and the ad takes up more space.

If you are searching on Google for something, pay attention to the ads on the top. Most of these are going to have ad extensions. Look at how much more space those take up than an ad without ad extensions. Sometimes it can take up three or four times as much space because you’re going to have sitelinks, you’re going to have callouts, you’re going to have a phone number, and all of this is going to add to the likelihood of somebody clicking on your ad and coming to your website.

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