AdWords Mistake: Not Properly Split Testing Ads (Video)

Video Transcript:

There are a couple of mistakes advertisers make when it comes to setting up ads in their ad groups.

One of them is only putting one ad in the ad group. The other mistake is putting too many ads in the ad group.

As a general rule you are going to want two ads in your ad group. This way you can test those two ads against each other. It’s called a split test.

At some point one of the ads will emerge as being the better ad. At that point you’re going to want to write a new ad. Put the new ad in to compete against your winning ad, and take out the losing ad. This process of split testing is how you’re going to see your click through rates and your conversion rates soar. They are just going to keep increasing If you keep taking out the loser and keeping the winner, you’re just going to keep winning and winning and winning.

This process may take some time but this is what all the best advertisers do. This is what you should be doing as well.

If you have too many ads in an ad group you simply won’t be able to do this.

Keep two ads, test them against each other, keep the winner, get rid of the loser.

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