AdWords Mistake: Not Adding Negative Keywords (Video)

Video Transcript:

When setting up and managing an AdWords campaign, it’s super important that you add negative keywords. Not adding negative keywords is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

If you don’t know what a negative keyword is – it’s basically a word that could potentially be associated with your regular keywords, but you don’t want it to be. So, for example, if you are an attorney and you’re advertising your legal work, some negative keywords are going to want are going to be free or pro bono, for example, because you don’t want to pay $50 for a click from someone looking for a free attorney.

You want to do really extensive negative keyword research before you start your campaign. It’s just too important to neglect.

Once your campaign is running, you’re going to want to keep researching and adding negative keywords as you go. You can look at the search terms people have used before they clicked on your ad, pick out the ones you don’t think belong there and turn those into negative keywords. This is going to save you a lot of money on your ad AdWords campaigns.

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